I was shocked When Vogue Magazine Contacted Me – Adesua Etomi

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Award-winning Nollywood sweetheart Adesua is one of the 14 global superstars highlighted for impacting the world with their craft.

Recounting how she felt when the magazine contacted her, Adesua Etomi in a chat with BN had this to say:

“I was shell shocked. I received an emil out of the blue and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I sent it to my husband and was like ‘MY ACTUAL CHESTTT’ (laughs). We responded and when I went to New York for the Annual Goalkeepers event, I was able to visit the Vogue office and I met everyone. They were all so lovely. They didn’t know much about Nollywood so I gave them a lot of information and told them about our movies on Netflix like “The Wedding Party” etc. The entertainment director at the time Jill Demling (who is now with British Vogue) watched it and loved it.”

Asked to describe how she felt in one word, she said “I have two. ‘Incredibly Grateful.”

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